| Coness F Russo

Focus Sensors is delighted to announce that work is complete on our Trial Indus Cloud platform. Focus Sensors unique platform is designed to transform the way information is used and consumed within the Rail industry. The data obtained from our patented Indus machines is vast and often needs delivering to multiple stakeholders in a convenient form. We can now analyse the datastream, load the relevant information into the cloud and present this information via a simple web interface allowing each user to log in and see what is relevant to their individual needs.

Jez Austin, Focus Sensors technical lead on the Trial Indus project says “The key challenge was maintaining the flexibility to handle a diverse range of traditional DAS use-cases alongside exploration of novel applications. Our data platform uses cloud and streaming technologies to scalably support multiple analytical processes operating on data from many sensors simultaneously in near-real-time.” With our new platform a network of data is ready and waiting at your fingertips: no dedicated machines, no dedicated screens, no fixed location.

Focus Sensors MD, Ed Austin states: “Our innovative 'Trial Indus' platform has the capability to unlock the potential of DAS as a general purpose tool to extract useful information and process that data in parallel. For rail we can demonstrate earth works monitoring, train tracking and maintenance issues all in a covid-safe and convenient manner”.