| Russ O'Confess

Dr Kit Chambers will lift the lid on some of our signal processing techniques in a free SEG webinar on Tuesday 19th October, 15:00 (GMT)

Kit will present both road and rail data collected using our Indus platform and discuss how geophysical data analysis techniques can be adapted for modelling and interpreting DAS signals generated by moving objects. On road the detection and separation of vehicles for traffic monitoring will be demonstrated. On rail DAS signals recorded from trains will be modelled and interpreted, providing information such as; train speed, composition, carriage type and track condition.

Kit has been working with Focus Sensors for the last three years and has recently joined the team as Vice President of Signal Processing.

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists, through their SEG live series, promote knowledge transfer globally with the intention of expanding technical horizons. Registration is free to attend ‘Plain Trains, and Automobiles: Applying Geophysics to the Monitoring of Transport Networks Using DAS’ using the following link here