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Job Opportunities

Focus Sensors requires a Senior Data Engineer and a Software Engineer to join our growing team.

Senior Data Engineer will lead elements of the development of new and existing solutions. The engineer will suggest algorithms, process data, evaluating results and implement solutions on our Cloud-based Indus Software platform.

Essential skills include: Linux, Git, Python, Signal processing.
Essential qualifications: degree in engineering or science with at least 10 years’ experience in data processing.

Desirable skills and qualifications: Seismic processing, VTK, Docker, AWS/ Cloud, SQL, CI (Jenkins) and a PhD in sensors or similar.

Software Engineer will lead elements of the development of our Indus platform. Built on Kafka, our Indus platform collects data from multiple sensor systems, processes the data, and hosts dashboards to transfer information to customers. The Indus platform is partly hosted in the cloud.

Essential skills include: Linux, Networking, Python, AWS/ Cloud, SQL.
Essential qualifications: degree in computer science or similar with at least 5 years’ experience in software development and DevOps (preferably git, docker etc.)

Desirable skills and qualifications: NumPy, Django, C++, Kafka, IoT data transmission, CI (Jenkins) 10 years’ plus experience in software development.

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INDUS™ Distributed Optical Sensing System

High sensitivity, linear measurements, small size, sub 100W, designed for volume manufacture and deployment. INDUS is making new things possible using optical sensing.